Aspiring Writers: Become a Lyft Driver to Help Pay the Rent

Writers have many funny jobs while they are working on their novels and screenplays, many of which have nothing to do with writing. Waiting tables, bartending and dog walking have all helped a hungry writer pay the rent. In this era of technology, I propose another job for a writer: Lyft driver.

Lyft is an app that like Uber lets users find a kind of taxi ride. Unlike Uber, it’s not a towncar that you get, it is a ride from someone within your Facebook network. Users pay as they would pay for a taxi through a credit card saved in the app. Drivers earn cash, as a taxi driver would. It’s like Airbnb for taxis. Check it out:

Lyft is your friend with a car. Drivers are matched with passengers who request rides through the Lyft iPhone or Android app. Drivers are screened with DMV and background checks, and Lyft’s platform has a first-of-its-kind $1M per occurrence excess liability insurance policy. Once a ride is complete, passengers are prompted to donate seamlessly through the app.

It’s a great job alternative for aspiring writers that want to leave their days or nights free for writing because you can set your own hours. You have to be at least 23 years old, own a car from this century and a clean driving record. You must pass a phone and in-person screening.