Asmodee Digital Launches Colt Express on Mobile

In Colt Express, players become train robbers in the Wild West, and they can play cards to move around a train in order to collect as much loot as they can.

Asmodee Digital announced the release of Colt Express on iOS, Android and PC. Developed by Frima Studio, the board game is the digital version of the real-world Colt Express board game created by Ludonaute. In Colt Express, players become train robbers in the Wild West, and they can play cards to move around a train in order to collect as much loot as they can.

In each game of Colt Express, up to six players compete to collect loot across five rounds. Each round is split into two phases: a planning phase and an action phase. In the planning phase, a player can select one or more cards from their hand, which will be triggered in the action phase. Cards may allow the player to move their bandit to a different train car, collect loot inside a car, attack another bandit and more.

Once every player has selected the card(s) they’d like to play, the action phase will begin, and the actions on each card will be triggered. As actions are triggered, users may find that their plans may not work out the way they intended, depending on the cards the other users selected. For instance, if a user selected a card that allows them to hit another bandit, but the bandit moved out of the way, they won’t be able to hit them.

Colt Express includes a single-player mode that contains six different stories to complete, with one story based on each of the game’s six bandit characters. Users can also compete against other players in online and local multiplayer games.

In a statement, Remi Hanesse, product manager at Asmodee Digital, commented:

We’re thrilled to bring the Wild West to mobile and PC gamers with the release of the new digital version of the award-winning Colt Express board game. We can’t wait for digital outlaws to start scheming their way to lots of loot in the game’s extensive single player story mode and online multiplayer mode.

Colt Express is available to download for $6.99 on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. The game can also be downloaded for $9.99 on Steam.