Are There Better Ways to Talk to A President?

President Obama was, as he says in the video above, the first President to live tweet. The stats are in, and there were 169,395 #AskObama tweets, with jobs (23 percent), the budget (18 percent), taxes (18 percent), and education (11 percent) coming in as the top topics. TIME magazine and Politico offer some analysis of how things went. But CNN asks the question: “Is Twitter really the best way to talk to a president?”

The President definitely got a lot of attention from the event, and was able to use that platform to talk about his record and his plans with the election looming. But CNN puts the logistics in stark relief: Despite all that attention and all those questions asked, only 0.045 percent were posted online and there’s some grumbling about how “real-time” the event was.

When planning an event, there is now the option of whether to do it the old-fashioned way — at a venue with people milling around, drinks in hand — or virtually. In May, we spoke with ON24 to gather tips about hosting a virtual event and, based on what we’ve seen and heard, these sorts of events are growing even more in popularity.

But as with anything, event organizers have to decide what will work for what they have in mind. CNN suggests that maybe the traditional interview method is the better way to have a conversation with the President. Sometimes traditional is the way to go.