Mystery: Did ‘Miss A’ Ban Fat Fashion?

A screen shot of what appears to be an email response written by Andrea Rodgers, founder of the style site Ask Miss A, landed in our inbox Thursday. “Oh please no,” the alleged email reads. “I really don’t want any plus size fashion on the site.”

Really? How could the editor of a website heralding the tagline “Style Meets Charity” come off as so uncharitable? Mean, even.

A search of Rodgers’ website for the term “plus-size” does render results on clothes for larger women. Examples:

  • Chance Fashion: The Second Annual Plus Sized Fashion Show At Neighbours In Seattle, 4/13
  • CurvyGirls Bridal, 7/12
  • Wendy Williams Outs Our Fear of Fat, 11/10

So, has Rodgers made a recent editorial decision to ban fat fashion? We’ve emailed her twice and called once for confirmation on whether she wrote such an email. The screen shot obtained by FishbowlDC does feature Rodgers’ email signature, which is a promotional photo of herself.  She hasn’t replied.

Of note: Rogers followed me on Twitter a while ago and I believe I followed her back. But when I visited her profile today, I noticed that she has blocked me, despite never having interacted with her before.

Below is the screen shot of Rogers’ alleged email.

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