Asking All The Right Questions

From Friday’s Gaggle:

    Q Any guidance on when we’ll see Bush?

    MR. SNOW: On what?

    Q On when we’ll see Bush?

    MR. SNOW: When we’ll see the President?

    Q Yes.

    MR. SNOW: Again, probably — no absolute guidance, but we’re working on something. Obviously, as soon as we have it ready, we’ll let you know.

    Q How much brush did he clear?

    MR. SNOW: He was doing more trails. So he was working trails this morning.

    Q Did you clear some brush?

    MR. SNOW: Enough to get this funny little thing on my leg. We knocked down a few trees, and that kind of thing.

    Q Did he bike?

    MR. SNOW: Yes, he did bike riding today, as well.

    Q For how long?

    MR. SNOW: More than an hour.

    Q Did you go?

    MR. SNOW: I don’t comment on the people who ride with the President, not even myself.

    Q Did you get hurt, really?

    MR. SNOW: No, I just got nicked when I was dragging a tree limb. I don’t think that quite qualifies as being hurt.