Ask Yourself: Are We Funnier Now Than We Were Four Years Ago?

Infinity, you're doing a heck of a job.

howard_stern_32.jpgOn the heels of botched responses to Katrina and Rita, startling disaster-unpreparedness news from New York: Howard Stern will leave Infinity Broadcasting for Sirius this January. And Variety‘s Michael Learmonth reports that after contacting celebs such as Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg and Geraldo Rivera as potential replacements for Howard Stern, Infinty CEO Joel Hollander said yesterday that he won’t replace the King of All Media with a single host.

OK… Talk about “burying the lead” here: Four years after September 11th, this country is so woefully underequipped when it comes to radio comedy that after Jon Stweart turns down a job, we’re going to Whoopi and – right after her – goddamned Geraldo Rivera? That’s OUR PLAN?

geraldo2.jpgI can understand going to Jon Stewart. Funny guy, appealing mix of deadpan and interogative delivery. Fine. But from Stewart, to Whoopi to goddamned Geraldo? I mean, on the radio, you can’t even see his mustache. And fully half his comedic, post-post-modern appeal is tied up in that 70s, porn ‘stache (as oppossed to a porn stash: k:) he sports.

Further details about Infiniti’s plan to turn the
Stern search into “American Idol” by winnowing down hosts can be
found in today’s Variety. But also worth reading is David Ng’s
short but insightful piece on about how XM radio – not Sirius – is better positioned to succeed, and how Stern’s final numbers at Sirius will probably disappoint. (Muddling things up for Sirius: XM has more and better deals with automakers). Already clear: Infiniti loses a $100 million in revenue come January. Less clear: Who’ll throw meatballs at the buttocks of porn stars.