Ask The HR Expert: Organizing Your Job Search, Part 2

HR Expert Sharon Jautz covers staying organized during job searching. Last week she covered how to organize post-meeting/post-interview paperwork and info; today she’s covering organizing your outgoing correspondence and working with recruiters.

  • Create a Thank you Note Folder on your computer and put copies of all thank you notes you send out in that folder.
  • Create a Follow Up Folder on your computer to store notes about your follow up: when you called, when you sent a note, when you sent an email, etc..
  • If you are working through professional recruiters, ALWAYS have that recruiter request your permission to send your resume to a specific place beforehand. You don’t want your resume arriving at an organization or company multiple times from multiple sources.
  • Any emails you receive from recruiters or companies regarding feedback, or, any electronic references you have should be filed under a References and Feedback folder on your computer.
  • When a job closes (and you have not been selected for that job) move everything related to that position into a Closed Folder.

Sharon Jautz has over 20 years of HR experience at major media companies like Forbes, Conde Nast, and Playboy. She’s been tapped as an HR expert on, giving advice to job seekers everywhere. Her super-power? Scanning a resume in 15 seconds. Find out more about her at her LinkedIn page.