Ask Piranhamous Anything

Today we have another installment of: “Ask Piranhamous Anything.” And we do mean anything. Send your queries to This isn’t an advice column — Piranhamous doesn’t know what the hell you should do with your life any more than you do — and worse, he doesn’t care. Try to keep your questions short — we want to keep this fun, simple, funny and insightful.

1. Have you seen Meghan McCain around this week in your travels at the GOP Convention in Tampa? Have you tried to chat her up? Thank God, no. Was she there? Who cares. I did not see her, but I wasn’t looking. I’m here till tomorrow morning, so I could still run into her (ouch!). While I didn’t see her, weirdoes and losers were well represented in Tampa. Slate’s Dave Weigel, not in the loser category, was in the house, running around town to everything he could get to and sweating. A lot. “Lady’s man” Rich Miniter could always be counted on to be on radio row in what looked to be the same purple shirt on two different days looking like a fat, sweaty Barney the Dinosaur desperate for attention. All the Fox News blondes were in full effect, legs everywhere but no sweat. Maybe their contracts don’t allow them to perspire. And the convention floor was crawling with every Republican standing near the sign for their home state for pictures and interviews and sweating. But no, I didn’t see Meghan. Yet. But you guessed it, wherever she is, she’s sweating too.

2. What’s the weirdest sight you’ve seen this week? It’s not so much the signs as it is the clothes. Protestors were kept so far away that you wouldn’t even know they existed. I didn’t see any but I heard stories. But the clothes, oy! Who’d a thunk an American flag was so versatile? I haven’t seen American flag socks, but I’d guess that was only from a lack of studying delegates’ feet. And the sea of cowboy hats was something to behold.

3. What do you think about Yahoo! News’s Bureau Chief David Chalian being fired for his hot mic slur. Do you think he should have been canned? Hell yes! What an idiot. You’d think a member of the media, which lives for open mic moments from politicians, would be acutely aware of the microphone. Nope. At the end of the day, all David did was vocalize what many of his colleagues think. Saying so on a set with microphones was just dumb. When anyone does something that asinine they should be fired. Don’t cry for David, I’m sure he’ll be working at HuffPost or some similar quality outfit in no time.