Ask Matt Labash: Seek Advice at Your Own Risk

Don’t think of The Weekly Standard’s and now Daily Caller’s Matt Labash as a garden variety advice columnist. He’s not like Ann Landers (who’s deceased). He’s not folksy, quaint, preachy or too serious and it’s highly unlikely that he’ll be dispensing his meatloaf recipes.

Think of him more like a version of Dan Savage’s “Savage Love” without the raunchy sex talk. Or, the love. Or the doorknob licking. Labash is not loving. And he tries to steer clear of doorknobs.

Labash’s own thoughts on his new role as an advice columnist:
“I don’t know. I’m not quite like Dear Prudence over at Slate, who is very good. More like Dear Imprudence. Maybe with a twist of Ask Marilyn vos Savant, except without the depth of knowledge and the high IQ. It’s not a pure advice column, either. It’s an ask-anything column. I don’t want to just derail people’s lives, though that will happen, certainly. As for your question, I guess I am always dispensing advice, though people don’t really seek it. Which has been a problem in the past, me just trailing behind friends, saying ‘Corduroys in June? Bad move.’ That’s why Tucker gave me the column. My friends got together, and decided I needed a more productive outlet.”

This is how he describes it today on the DailyCaller Web site:

“Hi, welcome to ‘Ask Matt Labash.’ I’ll be your host, Matt Labash. The idea for this column – if idea isn’t too strong a word – is that it is not a column at all. Rather, it’s a conversation. One in which I do ninety-five percent of the talking. If you did most of the talking, you’d have to watch my eyes go dead and my attention wander until it was my turn to talk again. So trust me, it’s better this way.”

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