Ask Lady Gaga Your Burning Questions on Twitter

If you’re curious about just what type of meat made its way onto Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress, you now have a chance to ask the pop sensation yourself. She will be answering questions submitted via Twitter on a YouTube video this week.

You have until midnight PT on Friday March 18th to submit your questions to Gaga. Just tweet your question and the hashtag #GoogleGoesGaga (yes, it does take up a fair number of important characters, but there’s no way around that), and you might just see Lady Gaga answer your question live on YouTube.

You can visit her YouTube channel to see the current list of questions, and vote for the one(s) you’d most like her to answer. The questions with the most votes by midnight on the 18th will be answered by Gaga.

Several notable Twitter-lebrities have done similar Q&As on YouTube in recent weeks. Obama did his own State of the (Twitter) Union after the official State of the Union, answering questions submitted via Twitter on a YouTube video. And more recently, Democratic Member of Congress got together to d a Twitter/YouTube Town Hall, answering questions in a similar fashion.

If you’re a Gaga fan – or if you’re in the marketing business looking for some tips from a genius celebrity marketer – why not tweet your question and see if the most popular Twitter user answers?