for iPhone: Community Powered Answer Engine

I see a lot of press releases in my inbox everyday. I almost ignored a recent one telling me about the release of this free app. 1.0 for iPhone

Yet another iPhone search app? That’s what I thought as I read the first couple of sentences of the press release. However, it was from which has been around for a long time and this new app has a rare 5-star average customer review rating (acknowledging it is with a mere 18 reviews). So, I downloaded the app and gave it a quick try. I have a real-life problem of trying to find a reasonably priced carrying case for a slightly gigantic smartphone with a 4.3-inch display. So, I tapped the app’s microphone icon and quickly said: What is a good carrying case for large 4.3 inch smart phone. I didn’t speak any differently than I normally do. I was surprised to see that the performed the speech-to-text task correctly and then actually provided a useful answer.

A few more quick questions resulted in reasonable speech-to-text translation and reasonable responses. Check out’s free iPhone app as an alternative search engine.