‘Ask a Curator’ Twitter Event Largely Successful, Though Suffers Through Spam Attacks


Speaking of the Van Gogh Museum, its curator, Axel Ruger, was a part of yesterday’s Twitter event called “Ask A Curator,” which was itself curated by the UK-based Sumo Design. While the event was largely a success, with loads of people chiming in to ask questions of the hundreds of curators participating in the event, Aol News reports that the whole thing became a bit derailed once spammers started seeing the discussion’s growing popularity. Suddenly links to Viagra were replacing legitimate questions, forcing the group to change their hash tag from “#askacurator” to “#askcurators” and then later requesting that people “Just search for ‘#askacurator -qwatmezix’ and the spam disappears.” So some hiccups along the way, but as to be expected in the lawless plains that are the internets. Go back and browse those tagged messages for a whole slew of links to recaps of the event for a good look at how it all went down, spammers aside.