Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst to Create Facebook Series

The Ashton Kutcher-led production firm Katalyst Media has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with leading social networking apps developer Slide Inc. to launch an original Web series on Facebook.

The new short form video series KatalystHQ has been conceived as a mock reality series that will provide viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the goings-on at the Katalyst offices in Los Angeles. The first episode, Method Acting, features Kutcher taking preparations for an upcoming movie role a bit too seriously.

Episodes of the show, which debuted on Feb. 4, are being distributed via Slide’s ubiquitous FunSpace app, which officials claim reaches 150 million users on Facebook.

The new partnership between Katalyst and Slide is interesting on several fronts. For one, it marks one of the first, if not the first examples of an original series finding its way exclusively onto Facebook, which is generally viewed as less of an entertainment destination than is rival MySpace. Plus, as a result the series offers brand advertisers perhaps a more impactful canvas than is typically available on Facebook—which also does not see a direct revenue gain from any resulting ad deals.

On the ad front, Slide executives said that episodes of KatalystHQ will regularly contain product integration. In fact, Cheetos is featured in the first episode.