Ashton Kutcher Surpasses 1 Million Fans On Facebook. Take That Twitter!

While the blogosphere buzzes about Ashton Kutcher’s race against the CNN Twitter account, Ashton has quietly surpassed one million fans on Facebook, surging up the leader board in a matter of days. The most impressive aspect of this milestone is that Ashton has grown from around 400,000 fans to over 1 million fans in under 3 days! It’s an impressive feat and it shows the viral nature of Facebook public profiles.

Does this mean that Ashton will stop tweeting and will shift to Facebook? I’m not quite sure but despite the entertainment aspect of this, I would say that this marks a fairly significant milestone for Facebook’s public profiles. It illustrates the power that Facebook has and emphasizes how important leveraging public profiles is in comparison to Twitter where attracting hundreds of thousands of users in a single day is pretty much impossible.

Honestly I thought that the race between Ashton Kutcher and CNN was much ado about nothing but I couldn’t avoid posting about this given the astronomical growth that Ashton has experienced on Facebook. So why isn’t Ashton boasting about his Facebook public profile then? Well Ashton did post a short update on his Twitter account but now that he has hyped this Twitter battle with CNN, it appears to be his primary focus for the time being.

Perhaps as he notices that his Facebook reach dominates Twitter he’ll decide to shift to Facebook as his primary platform. I’m sure that’s what Facebook is hoping for. Facebook has been in a public battle with Twitter which recently climaxed with a total redesign of the homepage and public profiles. Now Facebook is fighting a PR battle and by recently adding public profile recommendations there is a good chance that the recently updated product will gain increased traction.

Only time will tell for this battle but I’d give Facebook a pretty big award (perhaps a virtual gift) for surpassing the one million fans mark before Twitter in an impressive three day showing.