Ashton Kutcher Going After Village Voice Media Advertisers

After an initial Twitter flamewar with The Village Voice–and by extension Village Voice Media–over its recent story trashing his “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” anti-human-trafficking campaign, Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter feed went silent on the matter for about 16 hours. The Village Voice took that time to mercilessly ridicule Kutcher.

Well, Kutcher isn’t sleeping anymore. He’s going after Village Voice Media’s major national advertisers. Disney, Domino’s and Columbia University all received tweets from Kutcher announcing that their advertising dollars helped support a “digital brothel.”

Kutcher’s already gotten a response.

The Village Voice is freaking out on their Twitter feed. But they definitely were asking for this. They basically called Kutcher and Demi Moore ineffectual idiots, ridiculed their advocacy efforts and didn’t call either celebrity for a quote for their several thousand word piece. On top of that they wrote a story diminishing the gravity of child sex trafficking in America, while running a website–Backpage–that has been busted multiple times for aiding and abetting child sex trafficking. They’re even being sued for it.

Lesson: Don’t use your editorial pages to back up your shady business ventures. The piece was vintage New Times trash and should have never been in the paper–or maybe, maybe an 800-word news story at best. VVM went head to head with the most powerful figure in social media, to BASH HIS ANTI SEX SLAVE EFFORTS–all the while carrying a 2,000 pound conflict of interest on their backs called Backpage.

Bad move.

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