Ashley Qualls, That Rich 17-Year-Old Graphic Designer Girl


It’s been about two months since we first heard of high school dropout millionaire MySpace template designer Ashley Qualls so we thought we’d check back in. We had first spotted her in this piece, “Girl Power” in the September issue of Fast Company (don’t forget the slide show). But since then, she’s been just about everywhere, from a Yahoo People of the Web profile, to CNN, “The View” and “Good Morning America.” Apparently she’s got an agent. And here’s a case study that says she could be doing even better. According to her MySpace page she’s working on the degree, but no driver’s license yet. Although we have to say her MySpace is a little bland–guess she’s probably just re-ally busy–but add her as a friend, won’t you?

Seriously, if we ever catch any of you saying you don’t have enough money/fame/food as a graphic designer, we say, whatever!