Ashley Judd: No Longer ‘Women’s Studies 101’ When It Comes To 50 Cent

Given the controversy surrounding Marie Claire‘s December issue — the one with a topless Ashley Judd on the cover and a photoshopped Elizabeth Vargas breastfeeding inside — we figured it would be appropriate to check out Judd’s screening and discussion of her upcoming documentary on the AIDS pandemic at the posh new Hearst building on Thursday.

Judd wore an occasional Southern drawl and an elegant white gown, a contrast to the dressed-down-with-a-cause look she sported while traveling with Selma Hayek and YouthAIDS to bring much-needed press coverage to the AIDS crisis in Central America. (Judd did manage, however, to swap earrings during pre-screening photo ops, presumably a favor for one of her numerous designer pals.)

During a post-Q+A session, editor Joanna Coles prodded Judd to blog for Marie Claire on her next YouthAIDS trip, and Judd explained that her initial hesitation about working with the AIDS organization was its connection to misogynistic rappers, a stance she’s since softened.

“I’ve learned not to be so extreme about it,” said Judd, who said she recently hung out with 50 Cent. “[I wish everyone got to know him like] I know him, outside of his persona.”

Coles joined Judd, husband Dario Franchitti‘s little brother and fellow racecar driver Marino Franchitti (who looks like he’s too young to even drive), Coen Brothers regular Timothy Blake Nelson and others in a space adjacent to the Hearst cafeteria at a reception before the screening.

More pics:

Judd and her twang before the screening

Judd gives Timothy Blake Nelson an earful


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