'As Seen on YouTube': Orabrush Credits Social Media Campaign for $2.5 Million Investment

One would hope that oral hygiene is already as popular and widespread as anything found on YouTube, but a clever social media campaign helped one company prove its market potential to a group of investors. Orabrush, the maker of a patented tongue brush, plans to expand its retail operations with $2.5 million in funding from True Venture Partners in Silicon Valley and 2X Partners in Chicago.

Orabrush currently supplies major retailers in the United States, Japan and the UK. Through direct online sales, the company has made over $1.4 million from consumers in 114 countries, according to the press release.

In January 2011, the dirty tongue ad campaign, led by Morgan the Orabrush tongue (pictured right), made Orabrush the second-most-subscribed sponsor video channel on YouTube, beating out Apple, Sims and Wii with more than 34 million channel views.

According to theWall Street Journal, Google saw an opportunity and approached Orabrush with a direct link for viewers to buy the product directly from YouTube instead of the company’s site.

Jeff Davis, president and CEO of Orabrush told the Wall Street Journal, “We are going to be the first company to put out a product with a sticker that says, ‘As Seen on YouTube.'”