As If You Needed Another Reason to Despise Payday Loans

Here’s a company who takes advantage of poor people; a business modeled after blood parasites. A practice that make pawn brokers look like the good guys: payday loans. Wicked high interest loans given to the most desperate at the neediest of times. Legal loan sharks.

And now here’s an ad to write an ad and get the same price (or lower) as an ad you didn’t have to write.

Ack! We’re choking on our contempt. From Craigslist:

Paid Blogging Opportunity
Date: 2010-02-22, 10:57AM PST
Reply to:

Paid Blogging Job with Opportunity for more Work in the Future

Attention all writers and bloggers. We are seeking freelance writers who own their own blogs or websites who are willing to blog payday loans on their blogs and link to us. We are paying room $20-$50 per post depending on quality and following factors Please pay careful attention to the following job details as only work that is performed accurately will be paid for the job.
Job Details

We are looking for 30 bloggers to write about payday loans on their own blogs or websites with the following rules:

  • You must have a family-friendly blog or a website with a PR of at least 2 (financially related blogs/websites are preferred)
  • You must have good grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills
  • Your produced work should be natural and informative
  • Write about payday loans surrounding the following title topics (Do not copy the title exactly, make it your own):
    “Alternatives to Traditional Bank Loans” (i.e. payday loans)
    “How to get a cash loan with bad credit” (i.e. payday loans)
    “How to get fast cash online” (i.e. payday loans)
    Make sure that you specify your title tags and meta description to match the topic.
    * Embed a single anchor text link in the body of your content in a natural way. The link should link to The anchor texts should be one of the following.:
    “Payday loan”
    “Payday loans”
    “no credit loans”
    “direct payday lender”
    “fast payday advance” “payday lending” “payday advance lenders”
  • Write in a natural tone, do not over-stuff with keywords.
  • The article must be 300 – 500 words each
  • You can insert an appropriate image if you’d like but it’s not necessary
  • You must have a paypal account so that we can pay you
  • You must leave the blog posting up on a static page indefinitely (do not remove the link).

    The first 30 Work performed accurately will be paid $20-$50 for the job
    After you are done writing

    Send an email to with the subject line: Blogging job. In the body of the email, insert the exact URL in which your article/post appears AND your paypal email. Give us 5 business days to review your work and if it meets the qualifications, we will notify you by email and pay you up to $50 to your paypal account after 30 days. Hurry! Only the first 30 qualified blogs/articles will qualify and the best blogger will have the opportunity for more freelance projects in the future if they are interested.