As Facebook Plans for More Deals, It Hires Google Corp Dev Leader Amin Zoufonoun

Facebook bought ten companies last year, and told us to expect more this year — and today it is putting itself in a better position to execute on that plan, by hiring Google veteran Amid Zoufonoun.

Having been at Google since 2003, Zoufonoun has led major acquisitions including On2, Grandcentral (Google Voice), Metaweb, Widevine, Feedburner, and Simplify Media, according to his LinkedIn profile.

His title will continue to be director of corporate development once he starts at Facebook next week. He’ll report to Vaughan Smith, who oversees all of Facebook’s corporate development efforts, Facebook has confirmed with us, and will be overseeing all mergers and acquisitions, according to Reuters.

To date, Facebook has largely bought companies for the teams, moving people to other projects and either shuttering the existing products or putting them on life support (as was the case with FriendFeed). With its latest acquisition, mobile messaging service Beluga, last week, Facebook said it would also be using the technology.

Going forward, especially given the attractiveness of its equity and the amount of cash it has on hand, Facebook may choose to go after larger, more product-focused deals. For example, some reports have in recent months named Facebook as a possible acquirer of Twitter (a company which itself has hundreds of employees and is valued in the billions).

[Image via LinkedIn.]

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