ARTWALK Culver City: Mike Stilkey & Nicola Vruwink


We often talk about this little hub of creativity that’s bubbling up from the cracks of cement-banked Ballona Creek here in LA, and so does everyone else. Culver City is the debutante de jour for the art world, and the major difference between the first and second year of its annual artwalk can be summed up like this: The secret’s out. So we walked, and we dodged crowds, and we walked. The next few posts cover the highlights from west to east.


Mike Stilkey‘s Horse Stories at BLK/MRKT had crowds marveling at boxing stallions and exceptionally beautiful paintings done along the spines of old books.


At d.e.n., Nicola Vruwink spins the kind of yarns that might be uttered by middle-aged women, knitting plaintive messages from traditional materials and pop lyrics from cassette tapes.