Art & Graphics Director to Leave CQ Roll Call

Usually it’s politicians who say they’re leaving politics to spend more time with their families. In this case, it’s Jamie Baylis, who recently chose to leave her job as Director of Art and Graphics at CQ Roll Call to spend more time with her family. Her little girl, Natalie (see her above with her mom), is about to start Kindergarten. Baylis plans to stay on as a freelancer.

Last year she helped head up the redesign of Roll Call. Brass describes her as “creative” and “thoughtful.”

Read the memo…

Folks –

I regret to announce that Jamie Baylis has decided to leave her position as director of art and graphics. And while I am reluctant to pull out that most tired of political cliches, I am happy to report Jamie plans to freelance and, yes, spend more time with her family — her husband, Rich, and their daughter, Natalie, who will be entering kindergarten.

Jamie has left an indelible mark on the look and feel, the graphic statement, the very character of CQ Roll Call products. She joined CQ in 2005 after working at The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Washington Post, San Jose Mercury News and The New Republic, among other organizations. She arrived in 2005 in time to roll out a new design for CQ Weekly. Since that time, she has led her talented staff to produce innumerable graphic designs that represent the best of CQ Roll Call journalism.

In 2010, she helped lead the enormously successful redesign of Roll Call, which has given us a new, fresh platform on which to produce the very best newspaper coverage of the Hill and its people.

As if her many print successes weren’t enough, Jamie began in 2009 leading our online multimedia team, helping to steer the course for our future efforts in that area.

Through all of this, Jamie has been both a creative force as well as a creative and thoughtful manager of staff.

Jamie expects to wrap up her work sometime in June, although we have not yet set a firm date. Please join me in thanking Jamie for her enormous contribution to CQ Roll Call and wishing her well in her coming adventures.


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