ARTNews Magazine Devotes June Issue to the Female POV

In our humble male opinion, a must-read.

ArtNewsMagazineJune2015Everything today is complicated. As ARTNews magazine editor-in-chief Sarah Douglas reminds in the Editor’s Letter for the June issue:

In late April, at the Public Art Fund gala in New York, I was talking with an art dealer in her mid-30s, and mentioned that ARTnews was working on an issue devoted to women artists as well as to women working in the art world. Her smile evaporated and she heaved a sigh. “Would you do a men issue?” she asked me.

It wasn’t the first time I had doubts about putting this issue together. In March, when guest contributing editor Maura Reilly and I were already hard at work on it, along with ARTnews co-executive editor Barbara MacAdam, I attended an Intelligence Squared debate in Hong Kong where the motion was “The Art World is a Boys’ Club.” The motion was defeated: by a narrow margin, the audience decided that the art world today is not a boys’ club. Case closed! And yet, walking out of the auditorium, I couldn’t help recalling the conversation I’d had with an art dealer in a taxi the previous day. He did a lot of business in the Chinese art world, and he said that when some collectors there get wind that a woman artist is starting a family, they stop buying the work in anticipation of a drop in that artist’s market.

In the special-focus issue, there are all sorts of strands to take in. Most notably the article “Taking the Measure of Sexism: Facts, Figures and Fixes,” to which Douglas and co. have appended direct responses from more than a dozen different artists.

Adding heft to the debate and wide-ranging June issue content is the fact that ARTNews magazine has been around since 1902. Ergo, this is anything but a Jenny-come-lately Tumblr.