Artivist Film Festival — An Event That Will Make You Feel Bad About How Little You’re Doing With Your Life

artivistflyer4700.jpgKnow how when you see people protesting something really important on TV, you think, “Good for them!” and then fastforward through their protest your TiVo?

Well, every once in awhile one of those passionate do-gooders gets you on the phone and starts talking about incarcerated nuns in Tibet and Russian sex slaves and harp seals — and you can’t fast-foward and you can’t hide. Especially when they start making art about their cause celebs. Particularly if that art is in film form and you happen to write about film.

The Artivist Film Festival, started three years ago by artist/activits (get it?) by Diaky Diaz address human rights, children’s advocacy, environmental preservation and animal rights, will begin this weekend showcasing all the films you didn’t make. Including the L.A. premiere of Fast Food Nation.

One of the artivists, rock musician Synthian of the LA-based Exit Ophelia, talked with us about his two projects and what it means to get involved. You could read this, or you could skip down and read about Mark Burnett.

Q: How did you get involved in Artivists?
A: Last year, I went and saw some of the incredible films that came into existence, including Super Size Me and Earthlings. I veganized overnight. After that I was determined to win an artivist award.

Q: And you succeeded.
A: I’m the first rock musician ever to be given an artivist award!

Q: What is one of the most suprising aspects of the festival?
A: Seeing groups that don’t normally come together. The animal rights people don’t always get along with the humanitarian aid people. And someone fighting for children working in the diamond mines in Africa doen’t necessarily get along with the Earth First people.

Q: Why is that?
A: You reach a limit. It’s tough when you’re deepin to a cause to hear about anything else. Everybody thinks that their cause is the most important.

FBLA applauds anyone with any cause. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we still haven’t watched last week’s Lost.