The Great Zucchini Falls on Harder Times

In 2006, WaPo’s Gene Weingarten wrote a profile of a children’s performer known as “The Great Zucchini.” Weingarten described a brilliant, but flawed performer. Throughout the piece, Gene convinced us that Zucchini is masterful in the way that he entertains children and wows parents with his comedy/slapstick routine. We also learn that, for all the Zucchini’s successes, he couldn’t manage his money and his personal life was a disaster. In the piece, Gene tells us what the Zucchini has planned for the future. “His business plan? To become the children’s entertainer to the stars, a star in his own right who is flown first class to Beverly Hills, to do parties at $5,000 a pop for Angelina Jolie’s kids, or Britney’s.”

So, how’s he doing?

A Tuesday morning email was sent out from the online deals website, Certifikid. This Groupon-style deal offers the chance to hire The Great Zucchini for 175 dollars, which is 50% off the normal price. They describe his act by saying:

The Great Zucchini has been dubbed the “Lady Gaga” of the DC area by 93.7 radio and voted Favorites Children’s Entertainer by Northern Virginia Magazine. His talents have been featured everywhere from XM Radio’s national broadcast “The Mindy show” to the White House, the Vice President’s house to 11 different Embassies! He is also the only children’s entertainer to have graced the storied stages at both the DC Improv and the 9:30 Club. This magical man does 400 shows a year! Lucky for you, our CertifiKid deal includes Fridays and can be used anytime within a year of purchase.

If The Great Zucchini is so damn good, why exactly is he giving out coupons for his show? Seems like he might be having a rough time?

We reached out to our BFF Weingarten for comment on the matter. He must be off doing something poopy because he didn’t respond. In the meantime, if you’re interested in hiring The Great Zucchini for half-off, here’s a link to the deal.

CORRECTION: A previous version of this story credited Weingarten’s profile as being a Pulitzer Prize winner. While Weingarten has received numerous Pulitzer Prizes, his story on the Great Zucchini did not win one. But, it should have.