Article About Swag Shows that Swag Kind of Works

We here at Mediabistro opened The New York Times today and saw something very familiar — a fire engine red stiletto pump. One that is exactly the same as the two at left, currently resting on the desk of our TVNewser/TVSpy blogger Merrill Knox. The one on the left is a size 9 and on the right, a size 7. But the fact that we have two gives us the one up on The NYT.

In his story, Neil Genzlinger creates an outfit out of the swag he’s gotten from publicists. The shoes are actually from Investigation Discovery, which is promoting its “Red Hot Saturdays.” Genzlinger also talks about the underwear he’s gotten from 2(x)ist, items from the USA Network show Psych, t-shirts from the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, and even outerwear.

At right, one of our other bloggers who I swore anonymity to because of the “Girls Gone Wild” nature of the racy shot, is also wearing the Discovery Network Shark Week tee featured in a picture accompanying the Times story.

The lesson here seems to be that swag works. In some cases Genzingler is mentioning the brand being promoted a second time for this story. True, he gives the same negative critique of the 2(x)ist t-shirt. But the fact remains, two hits in the New York Times! Plus one on PRNewser. And the “impressions” from the items being worn by people like our anonymous blogger, who promptly zipped his fleece and fled from my desk in shame.