Has Arthur Yorinks Lost His Marbles? Acclaimed Author Launches Short Story Subscription Service

We kid Arthur Yorinks, because the name of his new Web venture is in fact, indeed – Lost Marbles.

LostMarblesLogoNevertheless, there remains at our end a healthy dose of skepticism. It’s one thing to launch a content-subscription portal when your name is Andrew Sullivan. Quite another when it’s Arthur Yorinks. From today’s announcement:

Entirely Web-based and dependent on subscribers, Lost Marbles provides a weekly short story or essay written or curated by Yorinks. There are separate sections for kids and for adults.

“Despite the unusual approach to selling stories, the idea is in many ways a throwback,” Yorinks says. “Not only because of the subscriber concept, but because in the digital and e-story universe we’re concentrating on the simple pleasure of reading. No illustrations, no moving or dancing doodads,” Yorinks continues. “It’s all about the story, and the words.”

FishbowlNY will keep a keen, close eye on the new venture, for which Yorinks is partnered with OR Books. Visitors can purchase individual stories for $1.29 or a yearly subscription for $19.95.

Yorinks is a man of many talents (film, opera, theater, radio, etc.). On the children’s book front, he has collaborated with such esteemed artists as Maurice Sendak, Mort Drucker and Richard Egielski. The New York Times once said of his work: “Some of the best humor to appear since Woody Allen was writing for the New Yorker.” Check out his new website here.

[H/T: booktrade.info]