Arthur Magazine Is No More

Despite founding editor Jay Babcock’s repeated attempts to resuscitate the magazine, Arthur has seen his last days. Wrote Babcock late last week:

After years of service, Arthur departed the material plane today.

He died as he lived—free, high and a-dreaming of love, ‘neath vultures’ terrible gaze.

Thank you, and love to all.

Babcock spoke to the Portland Mercury about his mag’s demise.

[W]ithout a partner, I can’t do Arthur beyond a blog/Twitter/Facebook, which receives very little income, doesn’t pay for itself, and is extremely ungratifying and unrewarding for both me and for the readers, relative to what Arthur was. I could see doing that for a while—but indefinitely? Year after year? No. I gave it two years. It’s time to let it end.

Babcock says he’s putting the finishing touches on a book about the San Francisco Diggers, and that with Arthur behind him he already has a new magazine/app concept in the works.