Miami Beach Officials Aiming to Cancel Arthur Godfrey

At the height of his post-World War II popularity, Arthur Godfrey hosted two weekly CBS-TV series and another 90-minute weekday radio-TV program (Arthur Godfrey Time).

Per Wikipedia, the end-of-the-week daily show was a little different:

The Friday shows were heard on radio only, because at the end of the week, Godfrey traditionally broadcast his portion from a studio at his Virginia farm outside of Washington, D.C., and TV cameras were unable to transmit live pictures of him and his New York cast at the same time.

Godfrey passed away in 1983 at the age of 79. And now, if a Miami city commission has its way, the media giant’s name will soon no longer rest in the 41st Street pavement. From a Miami New Times blog item:

“He had a radio program and played the ukulele and because he broadcast his show from the South Florida area at the time [1960s] they thought that was a good idea,” Miami Beach commissioner Joy Malakoff tells Riptide. “It was requested by the business people on 41st Street. It no longer brings anybody to the city.”

In other words, no one is high-tailing it to 41st Street to take a selfie in front of the Godfrey sign.

P.S. The vintage clip above is really fun, during which Godfrey talks about NYC weather and traffic.