Art Buchwald’s Health

buchwald1007.jpgOur thoughts go out to humorist Art Buchwald, whose leg had to be amputated a few weeks back (as reported in yesterday’s “Reliable Source“). Buchwald took a leave of absence last month because of kidney and vascular problems. The amputation stemmed from those complications.

    “He’s doing unbelievably well, considering everything,” [longtime assistant Cathy Crary] said, adding that the Pulitzer Prize winner, whose 80th birthday was feted at the French Embassy last fall, is not on dialysis. “His kidney function is actually better than they thought. He looks great, and he’s in a good mood.”

    His sense of humor is certainly healthy, she said. “He sent a friend of his flowers the other day, and the note said, ‘You’re missing another great movie night at the hospice — wish you were here.'”