Art Buchwald’s Declining Health

Our thoughts are with Art Buchwald, whose health, according to several individuals close to him, is declining. Suzette Martinez Standring writes:

    Renowned columnist Art Buchwald has refused dialysis, and it’s only a matter of time, maybe a short time, before he dies.

In typical Buchwald fashion, he appears to have a positive attitude nonetheless. “‘I had two decisions. Continue dialysis, and that’s boring to do three times a week, and I don’t know where that’s going, or I can just enjoy life and see where it takes me.'”

    “The end” is not taboo talk. In fact, Buchwald finds funny fodder in knock-knock-knocking on heaven’s door.

    A nurse comes up, “Mr. Buchwald, Tom Brokaw is on the line.”

    Buchwald takes the call, laughing, “Hey, I’m still here and I don’t know why…”

We also learn that Buchwald has penned one more column, to run the day after he dies. Let’s all hope we don’t see that in print for a very long time.