New York Journalism Student Shot to Death in Chicago

Arshell Dennis III was 19.

Arshell Dennis III was about to start his junior year as a journalism student at St. John’s University in Queens. In fact, his family was set to drive him to the airport at 3 p.m today and send him back off to the East Coast.

But those plans came to a tragic, devastating and all-too-familiar Chicago end early this morning. Per the Chicago Sun-Times, 19-year-old Dennis was sitting outside his family’s home with a friend when an individual approached and began shooting. Dennis’ father is a Chicago police officer:

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson spoke to Officer Dennis on Sunday morning and said he is at a loss for words at the amount of grief the officer and his family are dealing with, according to a statement from police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi. Johnson and Dennis were longtime friends who served together as patrol officers in the 6th District.

“Officer Dennis dedicated his life to make this city safer, and his son Arshell was a good kid, making his parents proud and studying for a promising future as a journalist,” Supt. Johnson said in the statement.

The video above, shot by Williams’ St. John’s roommate Kyle DePina in the spring of 2015, depicts a man who loved writing. The Chicago native also served as vice president of St. John’s NAACP chapter. We would like to offer our sincere condolences to the family, friends and student colleagues of Williams, who went by the short form of “Trey” to differentiate himself from the other two Arshell’s in the family.