Around the Design World in 180 Words: Hot off the Presses Edition

OK, we’ve caved. We’re adjusting our new feature to accommodate slightly meatier morsels of design news. Sorry Jules Verne, from now on we’ll be going Around the Design World in 180 words. Here are today’s:

  • Do you smell something burning? According to Logitech, nearly half of laptop users surveyed have had to temporarily quit using their laptop because the heat became unbearable. A majority agreed that the bottom of their laptop gets so hot that they could fry an egg on it.
  • The Fashion Show is getting gory! In next week’s episode, the designers must create a line inspired by the inner workings of the human body. We hear that one house sews up a win with bloody amazing reversible looks that mirror the traveling Bodies Exhibit; the other team needs life support.
  • The archives of U&lc, The International Journal of Typographics, are making their way online. Launched in 1973, U&lc (short for Upper and lowercase) was a leading voice in graphic design for 26 years. Now the wise types at are posting free scans of every volume.
  • Mark Polizzotti has been appointed publisher and editor-in-chief at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The former director of intellectual property and publisher at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston will oversee the Met’s scholarly publishing program.

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