Clownfish of the Week: @Schwarzenegger

Halfway through the PT business day of Tuesday, November 2nd, the most unexpected thing occurred here at the Fishbowl. We were unfollowed on the Twitter end by the official account of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Two thoughts immediately crossed our mind:

1) Had his office been this timely and efficient with other political matters, The Golden State would still be golden;

2) Was it something we tweeted?

In checking back through the November 2nd @FishbowlLA missives that preceded @Schwarzenegger’s early afternoon asta-la-vista, we think perhaps the problem was an overly heavy quotient of political pop culture. The one-two punch of @ryanseacrest and @SnoopDogg related bulletins may have been just too much for AS-HQ to bear on ballot box day.

We reached out briefly to the Governor’s office to get an explanation, but never heard back. So @Schwarzenegger, if you or someone in Sacramento who knows what’s going on is reading this, we have just one question. “Will you be back?”

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