TMZ, Radar Online Chase Down Exclusive Schwarzenegger Details

The twin terrors of online celebrity journalism, TMZ and Radar Online, are doing their best to get to the bottom of the Schwarzenegger love child story.

According to what is being billed as a joint investigation by Radar and Star magazine, the intimation in Schwarzenegger’s statement earlier this week that he confessed his parental transgression to his wife is false. It was allegedly the other way around: Maria Shriver interrogated the housekeeper about some long-held suspicions and confronted Arnold after learning the truth.

Meanwhile, Harvey Levin and co. have unearthed what appears to be a very damning money trail. According to loan documents obtained by the site, Schwarzenegger transferred $5,000 and then $60,000 from a personal bank account in the spring of 2010 to be used as a down payment on the housekeeper’s home.

As media watchers continue to debate the decision by some outlets to reveal the name of the housekeeper, the next question becomes: Will some publication or website have the gall to publish pictures of the 13-year-old son? Let’s hope not.