Arnold Love Child Adds Sick Twist to Planned Terminator Sequels

It’s hard to know where to begin in terms of the potential fallout from the latest Schwarzenegger bombshell. Obviously, how the revelation of a secret ten-year-old love child impacts Maria Shriver and the couple’s four kids is the most pressing concern.

Way down the list but suddenly morbidly fascinating is how this might color Arnold’s return to the big screen. Just a few days ago, a woman – Megan Ellison – won a CAA auction in Cannes for rights to a pair of Terminator sequels starring the man several headlines this morning now refer to as “the Sperminator.” Her company, Annapura Pictures, reportedly beat out Lionsgate for the package, which also has Fast Five director Justin Lin attached.

Long before the first of these two films hits the big screen, you can bet that a YouTube time travel parody (or five) involving Arnold, Maria, the housekeeper, and love child will surface. Meanwhile, with folks in Hollywood used to tolerating loose morals, it’s unlikely this latest Schwarzenegger indiscretion will get in the way of visions of big dollar signs. If one or more of the current participants in the Terminator sequels bails, another will be there to take their place.

Still, once the divorce is done and Schwarzenegger is presumably on the billboards for Terminator 5, will this mess make him a more convincing bad guy, a less fearsome cyborg, or have negligible impact? There is also the possibility that Arnold could choose to alter his ballyhooed movie comeback plans in the wake of all this.

Ellison and her brother David were executive producers on True Grit, and she currently has a number of other high-profile Hollywood projects in the pipeline.

Update – 05/19/11: Schwarzenegger has announced that he is putting the Terminator sequels and all other Hollywood projects on indefinite hold.