Armin’s Map Through the Urban Forest

If you’ve been in Times Square recently, you’ve likely noticed the many banners adorning various poles. There are those with clever writing, those with extra fancy design, a few are just plain brilliant, and there are some that are, well, just plain. As reported earlier, that’s the Urban Forest Project, which started up recently. Contributor to the event, Armin Vit, has just written up his thought about the whole thing over at his very own, Speak-Up. It’s a terrific read, with photos, of course, talking about the laziness of repeating your own work for this, and answering a lot of the questions we had, like “How in the world is anyone going to see these in Times Square?!” to which he answered:

When I first pictured the project in its setting I imagined an imposing and unavoidable presence of tree banners lining the streets but when I finally saw them in person on a cloudy day, they undeniably chameleonized into the texture of Times Square. No matter how clever the concept or how tight the typography, the banners can not stand a chance against the massive LEDs, billboards, storefronts and foot-traffic that are Times Square’s raison d’etre. Those that look hard (and high) enough will be rewarded with one of the profession’s few self-initiated onslaughts of public design.

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