Armchair / Shotgun Speaks With WaPo Book Critic Ron Charles About Journalism, Nitrate-Rich Meat Products

Our friends at Armchair / Shotgun were recently deemed hip enough to spend some time with the Washington Post‘s literary critic, creator of  the “Totally Hip Video Book Review,” and sex symbol Ron Charles. (Charles was recently featured on our bookish sister site, Galley Cat, which linked to his video on festive holiday gift suggestions.)

A/S was able to coax Charles into getting to the heart of important issues facing critics and reporters in this quickly-changing media climate: Bacon. Is it the future? The short answer is “of course”:

A/S: Okay, even more seriously. Where can we get the Totally Hip Video Review t-shirt featured in your Holiday edition?

Ron Charles: Those bacon-hat t-shirts — and my Beanie Baby collection — are my Plan B when this whole journalism thing finally collapses. I’ve got 10,000 in a warehouse in Rockville. I’m taking orders now.

For more on Charles — including which book he thinks should have gotten more attention this year (Hint: It’s not America by Heart.) — check out A/S’s site.