Armani and Samsung…Um, Together at Last?


We’re certainly no gadget site. There’s a billion of those out there, if you’re looking for them. So please don’t quote us here if we’re coming across a little oblivious, but doesn’t it seem like there’s a lot of this intermingling between computer-y companies and otherwise- non-computer-y-companies lately. Stuff like the last couple of years with LaCie working with Porsche‘s design arm? Not that we’re complaining, we think it’s cool and all, it was just the first thing we thought of when we read this release that Armani and Samsung have teamed together for a regular working relationship. We’d heard about that Prada phone, as you likely have too, but now there’s to be an Armani phone to compete with it. And then a TV coming out later. We don’t question if they’re look great or not, because they likely will, we’re just having trouble imaging people who are at home showing people their appliances saying, “Um, yeah, so that’s an Armani blender. It’s pretty awesome. I paid a fortune for it.” Not that people aren’t doing that already with all sorts of other brands, it’s just kinda weird to make that leap from fashion to pure, unadulterated geekery.