Ark Music Factory and ‘GMA’ Try to Orchestrate a Viral Hit

The people behind the insanely popular viral video “Friday”, Ark Music Factory, have partnered with Good Morning America to find and launch the next viral music artist.

In a series of GMA stories called “One Week to Hit It Big,” the show is following the selected viral-star-to-be, 14-year-old Lexi St. George, as she charts her path to possible infamy with help from the music company.

St. George was chosen after auditions at local malls were held. In the first clip, seen here, she’s recording the song that Ark Music Factory founder Patrice Wilsonco-wrote and produced called “Dancing to the Rhythm.” The video for the song will air on Thursday.

Is it a guaranteed viral hit?

*Update: The video is after the jump.

We’ve heard many times about the hypothetical client who puts in a request to their publicist to make them a viral video. Usually, that anecdote ends with the publicist saying that everyone wants their clip to go viral, but there are no guarantees.

The power of GMA will certainly give everyone involved a lot of exposure. And perhaps the fact that it’s already promised a GMA spot with a hashtag, #gmapopstar, already up and running, makes the viral part moot; millions will see it and it’ll be shared when GMA and Ark make a clip available.

But we’re still talking about “Friday,” which exploded without help from a major outlet like GMA. And people actually complained when the video was temporarily taken offline. Can you plan for that kind of viral success?

*Update: Check out the clip below. Sadly, it’s totally missing the low-budget tackiness and comically poor lyrics of “Friday.” Now what we have is just a middling teen pop song/video. We’ll call this one a viral fail, but perhaps Lexi has a music career ahead of her.