AriZona Iced Tea Refuses to Thank Miley Cyrus for Free Product Placement

27a5acb329909a4aa4e7a5a38772f263_width_640xYes, it’s her again. We know.

This week Funny or Die jumped on the dumb Sinead O’Connor/Miley Cyrus spat by posting a mildly clever “open letter” from AriZona Iced Tea‘s “marketing guy” which thanked the young Ms. Cyrus for using a can as a prop in her Terry Richardson “make me look like a porn star” photo shoot. The letter includes such salient points as:

I don’t encourage my daughters to walk around naked posing with cans of iced tea, but that’s only because they’re not famous…

Thank you for taking a picture with the label out so people can see that 99 cents for a tall can of iced tea is a great value (even for you).

…along with some naughty words that we won’t repeat here.

Wet get that Miley is that strange combination of unavoidable and unpopular right now—she somehow joined Charles Manson and Anthony Weiner as one of the very few people or things less popular than Congress in PPP’s latest, most amusing poll. And we get why AriZona chose not to highlight the fact that Terry Richardson used their product as his phallic object of the day because he is a pervert. But this story proves, yet again, that product placement is product placement and exposure is exposure, especially when none of the parties involved have any desire to achieve respectability in the traditional sense of the word.

Ad Age and others took the time to theorize that the very talented team propping Cyrus up knows exactly how this game works and that they’re making a B-line for the gold at the end of the overexposed rainbow. That’s been obvious for a while, and we have no doubt that Funny or Die is correct in writing that AriZona appreciates the boost even if it disapproves of the context. That’s pretty much it.

This is our final Miley Cyrus story of the week. No promises for next week, though. Sorry.