Ariel Foxman Celebrates the 200th Issue of InStyle

When InStyle debuted on newsstands back in the mid 90s, it entered a field ripe with competitors, like Vogue and Elle. Yet, managing editor Ariel Foxman says the brand has managed to stay afloat (and thrive, actually) by positioning itself as a relatable fashion mag that readers want to “snuggle up” with.

Of course, having a famous celebrity on every cover doesn’t hurt, and that’s what our Twitter followers  @jaconmac and @melaniestyke most wanted to know about.

“We are always looking at women that our readers relate to most when it comes to style, when it comes to how they live their life off-camera,” Foxman said about the process of choosing each issue’s  cover subject. “We’re looking for women who are really well-known, who live their lives stylishly, and have something to say at this given time.”

Watch the full video to find out whether InStyle will enter the reality TV fray, and the surprising thing Foxman says his job has taught him about women.

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