Arianna’s Faves

Thanks to Mossberg for today pointing us to Rollyo, as in “roll-your-own…”. For the Web 2.0 crowd, it means you can get high toking on the reading and linking choices of others. So, we check the site and see — shades of iPod — a list of Arianna Huffington‘s favorite political reading, as well as Columbia U. string theorist Brian Greene‘s choices, MAKE magazine EIC and Boing-Boing co-founder Mark Frauenfelder, and a few other media lights and intellectual luminaries.

We were sad, though, to see Arianna hadn’t treated us to any saved “search rolls” that would tell us the kinds of things she’s looking for. And we know she wasn’t always “progressive” but couldn’t help wondering: is her reading list really still that full of conservatives?