Arianna Says ‘New York Times’ Paywall ‘Isn’t Working’

Huffington also compares blogging for free to watching TV

Arianna Huffington has made yet another public jab at The New York Times—this time going after the paywall.

During a luncheon address at a Gilt Groupe conference in New York, Huffington, according to Women's Wear Daily, said, “The New York Times paywall isn’t working. It is so hedged and has so many exceptions that it should be called a hedge wall, not a paywall.” She added that a site like the Times’ cannot successfully shift from free to paid content. “The truth is, people are used to having that information for free,” she said.

Huffington also defended the HuffPo’s practice of not paying its bloggers, claiming that these writers blog as a leisure activity, and comparing it to TV watching. “The truth is, self-expression has become the new entertainment,” she said. “Nobody ever asks why do people sit on the couch and watch bad TV for seven hours without getting paid. Now people have different sources of entertainment." 

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