Arianna, Plame on Charlie Rose Tonight


Tonight we finally get to see a Valerie Plame-Charlie Rose interview. Last night Charlie Rose said: ”A quick note, Valerie Plame was supposed to be on … but because of the length of the interview (Ed Note: with Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mohamed Elbaradei) we will be on tommorrow with Arianna Huffington.”

Plame, believing she had been bumped, blogged on October 22 on The Huffington Post (In a post which drew 170 responses):

”I just learned the other day that my scheduled Tuesday appearance on the Charlie Rose show has been canceled. The show’s producer said it was because Charlie Rose wanted to prepare for an appearance next week by CIA Director General Michael Hayden. How ironic is that? I could have told Mr. Rose a few things about General Hayden, but I’m sure he’ll do a fine job with his interview questions without me.”

We look forward to her telling Charlie in person.

(image via bbc)