Arianna Huffington’s Furry Friend

We keep ourselves up at night wishing we knew more about the enigma that is Arianna Huffington. How does she operate? What motivates her and drives her success? All Things D, a website covering news and opinion on the digital age, sat down with Arianna recently to give us “16 Things About Arianna Huffington.”There’s a lot to take away from this peak inside the mind of one of media’s most successful women. For instance, we find out that a quality that she dislikes is “Multitasking — i.e., having dinner with someone and engaging with someone else on one of your devices.” You’re very wise, Arianna. However, she seems to have blatantly contradicted herself at the recent TIME-People pre-WHCD party at the St. Regis in Washington. She was punching away on her Blackberry while mingling in the middle of the party. I guess she was really was into that game of Angry Birds.

We find out from All Things D that Arianna loves her Blackberry so much that she has FOUR of them. Who is so important that they need FOUR Blackberrys? Arianna, apparently. She was asked if she had any pets and she tells us that she “once” owned a dog named “Oliver Pistachio Huffington.” Isn’t that what Gwyneth Paltrow named her last child? If you’re the kind of person that gives your dog a middle name, we’ll probably never be friends. That’s almost as bad as setting up a Twitter account for your pet. (We’re looking at you, Jake Tapper, and we have our fingers crossed that your cat, Walter and your new dog, Winston, will retweet this story.)