Arianna Huffington is Media Person of the Year

I Want Media has named Arianna Huffington their Person of the Year, presumably based on your votes. As it happens the top three spots all belonged to women — Tina Fey and Rachel Maddow were the runners up. Says IWM about the choice: “Huffington had a big year in 2008, guiding her liberal-leaning news and blog site to record traffic during the U.S. election season.”

More fun, however, is the comments section which features the picks of some bold-faced media names. Perez Hilton voted Sarah Palin. Tina Brown voted Tina Fey. David Carr voted Mayhill Fowler. And both Frank Rich and Kurt Anderson tapped the Laid-Off Journalist as media person of the year.

Says Rich:

I’d pick The Laid-Off Journalist. The traumatic upheaval of the news business — in television as well as print — has collided with the economic crisis to produce a shocking, ever-growing casualty list of talent and journalistic outlets. Here’s hoping that the Media Person of next year will be the one who devises the business model that can best support and enhance the ambitious news gathering essential to a functioning democracy.