Arianna Huffington Goes Blond, Could Have Been Richer

Arianna Huffington is profiled in today’s LA Times, where we learn not only did she leave money on the table in her sale of the Huffington Post, she’s gone blond. Oh, and perhaps more importantly, she finally offers a defense against the online sweatshop allegations that have stung HuffPo since its sale to AOL.

Her employees, she said, “are the people expected to meet deadlines, turn up every day, even over the weekend when something like the Tucson shooting happens.”

The site’s 9,000 bloggers, she continued, “have no obligations…. You send a blog today, for which we are very grateful because that’s how we get great content, but if you don’t send another blog for another two years, nobody’s going to bother you.”

A much more spirited defense than she made this past weekend when Bill Maher made fun of her on Real Time for refusing to share the wealth of her new deal.