Arianna Huffington Continues Feud with The New York Times

We know. Your reaction to that headline is probably the same as ours: A big, fat yawn. However, when two big media honchos continue to spar, FishbowlNY must continue to cover it. The latest jab in the bout between The Huffington Post and The New York Times comes from Arianna Huffington, who told an audience at a luncheon that the Times’ paywall is going to fail:

The New York Times paywall isn’t working. It is so hedged and has so many exceptions that it should be called a hedge wall, not a paywall. The truth is, people are used to having that information for free.

A “hedge wall!” Now that’s just dirty.

Of course, Huffington didn’t back that statement up with any facts, but that doesn’t matter. What really matters is how Bill Keller will respond. We suggest coming back with something just as fierce, like saying the Huffington Post should really be called the Huffington Non Post. That’ll teach her.