Arianna–Bigger Balls than Santa Claus?


Arianna Huffington is promoting a new feature over at Huffington Post, to dovetail with her new book On Bcoming Fearless. As she says:

Using as its springboard the themes in my new book, On Becoming Fearless, the section contains blog posts, news stories, and special features on relationships, work, parenting, health, sex, food, entertainment…in other words, life. This is the most personal book I’ve written, and as its release takes me on a national tour over the next two months I’ll be highlighting the many ways the personal intersects with the political.

Arianna first promoted the book at BlogHer, the annual gathering of women bloggers, many of whom think writing about toilet training is a radical act. Susan Salter Reynolds in the LA Times tried hard to waffle around not liking the book, or at least the pop-psych parts of it. Reynolds wrote:

I do applaud her effort to take a question she must get asked all the time (How do you conquer your fears?) and answer it.

Who asks anyone this question? Is this really what jumps to mind when one meets Arianna? (“Boy, she must have had a lot to overcome!”)

Arianna Huffington is inherently interesting. Even when we don’t agree with her, she’s thought-provoking. But what’s the story– she was nervous about speaking in public over 30 years ago? She worries about getting old? Better to worry about the alternative, sweetie.

And the bloggers on her site run the gamut from profound (Susie Bright, oddly enough) to women’s magazine trivial. And that’s the problem, at least for this half of FBLA. Women’s magazines are stuffed full of fear-provoking crap. Becoming Fearless treats thse fears as serious and worthy of contemplation. Here’s a real radical thought–your feelings don’t matter, only your actions. Better to just grow a pair and get on with it.